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They completely transformed our lawn into something we always dreamed of having, all thanks to their skills and professionalism.

  • Joshua Cooper

I am thoroughly satisfied with the result of this company's work on my lawn. From mowing to trimming to clearing debris from my driveway, walkway, and back patio - everything was done flawlessly. The major backyard clearing and mulching were also impressive.

  • Violette Purpura

The first employee I hired was highly dedicated and worked hard to make my front and backyards look flawless.

  • Eunice D.

This gardening service is simply amazing. Their work leaves everything looking absolutely beautiful. It's a relief not having to clean my porch after they finish, unlike my past experiences with other lawn providers. They are true professionals who carefully list out any extra jobs and their costs.

  • Hunter James

As someone who values reliability and efficiency in gardening services, I am beyond satisfied with the services provided by Landscaping Companies Hounslow. For over a year now, they have been taking care of tasks like maintenance, hedge trimming, borders, and grass cutting with the utmost professionalism. Their team is always helpful and their work is impeccable.

  • Jimmy D.

Polite and supportive as always, performed wonderfully well once more, hired them for ongoing services.

  • A. Khan

My gardens have never looked better! Thank you for your hard work, dear gardener.

  • Jacob T.

Splendid, showed up as per the gardeners' promise, outstanding pre-service correspondence. Ecstatic with the end result and secured a monthly pruning service.

  • Michaela B.

The dedication to their workmanship is evident, the paving is executed flawlessly and the team is polite and approachable. I would highly endorse them for any paving project. I am overjoyed with their work!

  • Marie Gormley

After being thoroughly impressed by their work before, we had no hesitation in hiring GardenersHounslow for more paving in our backyard. They come highly recommended by us.

  • Travis Daniels

It's amazing how much of a difference these talented gardeners can make in a short amount of time.

  • Charlie Daniels

The team did a fantastic job clearing the bamboo and replacing it with a new fence.

  • Greg D.

Their work was exceptional and completed without any delays or major interruptions, leaving us thoroughly satisfied.

  • Frank Gordon

My lawn is now in tip-top shape thanks to this amazing experience - all credit goes to the skilled and dependable gardeners! And the cost? Very affordable.

  • Chris L.

My lawn is now the envy of all thanks to this fantastic experience! The gardeners were efficient and dependable, and the cost was just right.

  • D. Rostami

Outstanding dialogue that won't break the bank.

  • Christopher Pain

Outstanding communication and pocket-friendly rate.

  • Gary Perry

From start to finish, everything about working with this gardening service was a breeze. Highly recommend!

  • Richard

Having tried various companies in London, I can confidently say that Hounslow Garden Clearance offers the best gardening service around.

  • Chaste

Simple hiring process, provided the service quickly and within the agreed upon time-frame.

  • Jack

Service was prompt and the gardener was incredibly polite. Work was finished in a timely fashion and he cleared away any debris afterwards.

  • James F.

Their landscape gardeners had an unenviable job on their hands. They handled it like the top team of professionals I'd been hoping they'd be, arrived on the scene and cracked on right away, didn't bat an eyelid.

  • Yasmin D.

I want to give my sincere thanks to the entire crew for their incredible work. The wild flower garden looks amazing now. Everyone on the team was welcoming, diligent and helpful.

  • Belinda Martin

Having engaged the services of GardenersHounslow, my lawn was taken care of quickly and expertly - delighting me with the outcome! Their fantastic performance has earned them another customer - myself - ensuring further business in days yet to come!

  • Penelope

It had been a while since I'd given my patio the thorough clean it needed, so I decided to call in Gardeners Hounslow. They had everything back looking great in no time and I'm pleased to give them a good endorsement for anyone else out there looking for professional patio cleaning.

  • Joseph A.

Thank you so much for providing us with such wonderful hedge trimming services. Our garden looks fantastic, and I've decided to hire the team monthly, which I am delighted about.

  • Weston

Best gardeners I've used and so I recommend Gardeners Hounslow to anyone needing help with their garden.

  • Charlotte Miller

My sister has been using Gardeners Hounslow for all of her lawn care needs for almost a year now. I know she was happy with the gardeners so I decided to give them a shot. They have done a fabulous job in the garden.

  • Natalee S.

I hired Gardeners Hounslow for a general tidy up. Their gardeners were terrific. They worked speedily, professionally and took a great amount of pride in their work.

  • Alex H.

Hounslow Landscape Designers delivered the best garden maintenance services and the best prices.

  • Saretta L.

When I decided to hire a gardening service, I did some comparison shopping. Landscaping Companies Hounslow offered the best value for the money. I am also pleased with the quality of their work.

  • Robert Carter

Their gardeners go above and beyond the call of duty to please all of their customers. It makes Landscaping Companies Hounslow one awesome company.

  • Ewan J.

Lawn mowing may sound like an easy task, but it isn't for me with my health problems. I needed a cheap service, someone to take care of my lawn. GardenersHounslow offered me the perfect deal. I'll certainly be using them again when my lawn next gets out of control.

  • Ashley P.

A colleague at work spoke very highly of GardenersHounslow so I decided to give them a try, and I am so pleased I did. They are so helpful, and really willing to pitch in with everything, and I love how affordable their prices are - nice not to have to worry about money with them.

  • Liam Holloway

We got some hedge pruning done today by Gardeners Hounslow. We were amazed by the affordable cost and excellent service. Highly recommended.

  • David Gunter

I couldn't have asked for a better landscaping service, Hounslow Landscape Designers left me satisfied with their work and with my wallet.

  • Anne

Scheduling regular garden maintenance is always important if you want your garden to look it's best for spring or summer. GardenersHounslow never ceases to amaze me. They are nice, and come, do the work and leave. No muss no fuss.

  • Ruth K.

I moved house and wanted my garden to be my own. I spent a lot of time trying to get it looking the way I wanted and once the lawn was in shape I decided to hire professional help with lawn mowing to keep it looking perfect. I found Hounslow Garden Clearance online and booked right away after seeing such excellent reviews. The experience of the company really shone through, from booking to the actual service. I really enjoy my garden now and it's all thanks to the experts who work so hard to mow my lawn - thank you!

  • Kelly

Autumn is a beautiful season but you get to see a lot of dry leaves lying around the backyard. My garden had become completely covered with dry leaves and it became difficult to remove the weeds due to the leaves which constantly keep falling on the ground. After a while, I decided to call Hounslow Landscape Designers for leaf clearance and I'm pleased I did. They came quickly and completed the task as soon as possible. Moreover, the overall price was affordable too and so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to all my friends and family if they ever find themselves in this situation.

  • A. Watson

This gardening company is outstanding! I was going abroad for several weeks and wanted someone to look after my garden for me; Hounslow Garden Clearance were recommended and having just returned I am delighted I left my garden in their capable hands! In fact, it looks so good that I'm even going to have them help me out once a month!

  • April F.

This is a review to thank the garden team at Gardeners Hounslow for the hard work they put into my garden planting. I have a colourful, beautiful and well-tended garden that I've always wanted, but I haven't had to give up any of my free time. I was very happy with the friendly staff and affordable service, so I will be using this company again!

  • Damien

I would like to say a massive, gigantic thank you to GardenersHounslow for carrying out our garden clearance. I can't express how thankful I am and hope you will keep up the good work because no other company has come close to your standard. You were amazing! Well recommended.

  • Rachel Owen

Lawn Maintenance Hounslow is the leading choice for hedge trimming. Of all the firms I have tested they came out the best by far. If you want great hedges, call them and see what they can do for you.

  • Benjamin Norris

I recently downsized to a new property which is far smaller than the property and the land I used to occupy. The garden area at my new property is considerably smaller and so I do not have room for a garage or shed area, and so consequently I do not have room to store a lawn mower but that doesn't mean that I do not need help with my lawn issues. This is when I started to look for a team of gardening experts and stumbled upon GardenersHounslow. I now have them come to my home to take care of my lawn mowing on a regular basis - they offer such an excellent, all-round convenient and affordable service!

  • Warren F.

Nice job completed by Lawn Maintenance Hounslow. They worked speedily and were mightily efficient and took care of absolutely everything without leaving a mess in the process. I was lucky to have found such a hardworking, reliable team and I'll certainly be calling them again whenever I need some gardening work taken care of.

  • Marty Hasle

I've always taken pride in my garden, but recently my ability to commit time to it has been lacking. Not wanting my garden to become messy, unhealthy, etc., I hired Lawn Maintenance Hounslow. They have been taking care of my hedge trimming ever since and I'm better for it. My bushes look finer than ever and I don't need to spend time working on them. I'm getting a superior result and more free time; what more could I ask for? They provide a quality gardening service for me and will do it for anyone else too.

  • Jeanne B.

Hounslow Landscape Designers has been looking after my lovely front garden for the past four years. I only provide an outline and some basic suggestions for garden design and the rest is done by the efficient team. From turf planting to patio designing, they are good at whatever they place their hands on. They are the best gardeners we have had in years.

  • Kevin N.

What struck me the most about the team at Lawn Maintenance Hounslow and especially their gardeners was their attention to detail. I hired their hedge trimming and lawn mowing services and received an all round top quality service. Their expert gardeners were very meticulous when trimming the hedges and my lawn was cut and then mowed evenly; a very professional job!

  • Carla

I've used Gardeners Hounslow to provide commercial gardening services to a large office building for almost 2 years. They are cost-effective mainly because they only ever do what is necessary and don't waste time on the things that aren't. Every now and again we ask them to do a full-scale garden clearance which is one of their services. Whatever they are hired for you are guaranteed an excellent price.

  • Cicilia

Having grown up in the country, I loved gardening and open spaces. Since moving to the city for work, I longed to visit my country house. Moving to a house complete with a little garden was a dream come true. Getting a place overgrown with weeds into a proper garden was a colossal task which I knew I could not manage alone. The professional garden landscaping services of Gardeners Hounslow helped me shape up my garden really soon.

  • Susan R.

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