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You can have the garden of your dreams
You can have the garden of your dreams

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Professional garden care can really make a difference in Hounslow

Amazing Garden Landscapers in TW4Are you worried that bringing in a professional gardening service might break the bank? There's no need to worry about that with Gardeners Hounslow. We believe that everyone in Hounslow should have access to great garden maintenance, whatever their budget. That's why we offer highly competitive prices on all of the services we offer in the TW3 district. Furthermore, our expert landscape gardeners are on hand to ensure that if you need to have your garden redesigned, the service will be of the best quality possible without burning a hole in your pocket. Call today for a free quote and we'll discuss the options with you!

Your garden should be safe for your kids to play in

If you've got kids then you might want to have a good look at your garden and assess whether it's truly safe for them to be running around in. People have been coming to us with concerns over how they can make their gardens safe and fun for their kids. That's why our expert Hounslow team is always ready on standby to take your calls and discuss our garden maintenance and landscaping options. Families often don't fully realise the true potential of their gardens, so allow us to help you out! Our professional gardeners can offer a regular maintenance service for a great price to keep your entire family happy.

Deal with pet damage in your yard

Often garden owners have noticed that many of their neighbours’ pets like to use their garden as a public toilet or their trees as scratching posts! That is why, in Hounslow, we've been offering a selection of expert gardening services such as planting and lawn repair and restoration to help put their mind at ease! Throughout the TW3 region, we've even been offering landscaping as well, to aid in restoring damaged gardens. Just call us on today to discuss your options and we'll even give you a free estimation.

Even tiny gardens deserve proper care

Proven Gardening Company in Hounslow, TW3Is your garden quite small? Do you think it's too small to hire a gardening company to give it a makeover? No garden is ever too small for expert care! In the TW3 area, our team of gardening experts will never turn down a garden because of on its size or shape. They can even have a go at giving your tiny garden a complete makeover with a tailor-made landscaping solution, if you like! You may just be surprised what can be achieved in a small garden! We can offer a range of expert maintenance services for any size of garden, so do not think your outdoor space is too insignificant to deserve proper maintenance.

Take care of your garden before moving out

Are you moving house? Are you worried about what your garden is currently looking like? If you're trying to sell your house in Hounslow, improving the state if your garden can greatly increase the value of your property and make it far more attractive to potential buyers. Our professional gardening services can transform your garden and make a world of a difference. Even if you just need a bit of garden clearance, we can help out. We can easily work to tight deadlines too, so we can assist you even if you have a very short time to get your garden back into shape.

Call in the experts to assist you!

It's not a moment too soon to call on Gardeners Hounslow to come and rescue your garden in the TW3 region. Our lawn repair and restoration packages can bring your long-suffering lawn back to life! Our landscaping services can fully transform your garden with vigour and our garden clearance services can rid you of any unwanted junk and debris that might have piled up in your garden. Stop dreaming about your ideal garden; get in touch with us and make it a reality with our expert services! Book a team today on and see the transformation happen before your very eyes!

testimonials - what customers say

We got some hedge pruning done today by Gardeners Hounslow. We were amazed by the affordable cost and excellent service. Highly recommended.    
David Gunter
I couldn't have asked for a better landscaping service, Hounslow Landscape Designers left me satisfied with their work and with my wallet.    
Scheduling regular garden maintenance is always important if you want your garden to look it's best for spring or summer. GardenersHounslow never ceases to amaze me. They are nice, and come, do the work and leave. No muss no fuss.    
Ruth K.
I moved house and wanted my garden to be my own. I spent a lot of time trying to get it looking the way I wanted and once the lawn was in shape I decided to hire professional help with lawn mowing to keep it looking perfect. I found...    
Autumn is a beautiful season but you get to see a lot of dry leaves lying around the backyard. My garden had become completely covered with dry leaves and it became difficult to remove the weeds due to the leaves which constantly keep...    
A. Watson
This gardening company is outstanding! I was going abroad for several weeks and wanted someone to look after my garden for me; Hounslow Garden Clearance were recommended and having just returned I am delighted I left my garden in their...    
April F.
This is a review to thank the garden team at Gardeners Hounslow for the hard work they put into my garden planting. I have a colourful, beautiful and well-tended garden that I've always wanted, but I haven't had to give up any of my...    
I would like to say a massive, gigantic thank you to GardenersHounslow for carrying out our garden clearance. I can't express how thankful I am and hope you will keep up the good work because no other company has come close to your...    
Rachel Owen
Lawn Maintenance Hounslow is the leading choice for hedge trimming. Of all the firms I have tested they came out the best by far. If you want great hedges, call them and see what they can do for you.    
Benjamin Norris
I recently downsized to a new property which is far smaller than the property and the land I used to occupy. The garden area at my new property is considerably smaller and so I do not have room for a garage or shed area, and so...    
Warren F.

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